Massage Savings Packages are Available for Purchase! Details on Pricing can be found under Specials.

Swedish Massage
Relax and enjoy the soothing effects of this calming massage that relieves everyday stress and tension while improving circulation, as well as alleviating muscle stiffness and fatigue.
$77 (30 minutes) $155 (50 minutes) $232 (80 minutes)

Therapeutic Massage
Enjoy a therapeutic massage experience combining both Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques in areas of stress or injury. This massage offers the best of both worlds; relaxation & relief.
$175 (50 minutes) $262 (80 minutes)

Deep Tissue Massage
A deep reaching massage intended for the relief of stubborn knots in the areas of chronic tension. Designed for the person that enjoys a more vigorous, firm massage.
$195 (50 minutes) $292 (80 minutes)

Hot Stone Massage
Heated stones are strategically placed and utilized with glid­ing strokes to both penetrate and alleviate joint and muscle aches.
$245 (75minutes)

Reflexology is based on the Asian healing method of apply­ing thumb and finger pressure to specific nerve endings on the feet and hands to promote a sense of comfort, relieve stress, improve circulation and bring balance to the body.
$76 (20 minutes) 

Prenatal Massage
This deeply soothing massage is perfect to help relieve the sore muscles and fatigue that are experienced during pregnancy (2nd and 3rd trimester only).
$155(50 minutes)

Couples Massage
Enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage together! Available in 50 or 80 minute sessions.
$300 per couple (50 minutes) $450 per couple (80 minutes)
**upgrade to Therapeutic or Deep Tissue upon request**-

Add an Aromatic Salt Glow to any Massage Service
Restore skin’s radiant glow with an exfoliating sea salt enriched with Ylang Ylang, Tangerine, and Lavender. As these delightful aromas entice your senses, the body is gently polished, rendering skin silky­ smooth and mineralized skin. Finished with a Silky Dry Oil to keep your skin moisturized $95 (30 minutes)

**Complimentary Aromatherapy Essential Oils to any Massage**
** New Jersey Sales Tax will be applied to all Massage Services**